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Meet: Danielle Earp, A Handmade Victory Star

I went to a restaurant last weekend. Obviously, given that I have made a living in the hospitality industry for the last 12 years - this one hits home for me. I am always over analyzing the food I am served as a consumer when I go out to eat. From the amount I pay when I know the cost the business has in it to the service component - meaning how I get treated as a paying customer while I could no way get away with, nor would I want to, get away with anything less but rolling out the red carpet and thanking them for even the slightest opportunity to serve them….even if they choose a competing service to my own.

I am always baffled. At people that will claim they have children's mouths to feed, but treat their customers poorly. They claim they are in debt, but do not return a call from an inquiry I have left. I am amazed…at the amount of money I will spend with certain companies sometimes monthly and annually to have absolutely no personal relationship with anyone that works there…after years!

Until last weekend!! I met Danielle Earp. She simply waited on my family and I. She was nice, polite, educated on her craft of food and service and was very accommodating. Towards the end of the experience, I took my girls to what felt like their fifth trip to the “potty” when she and I crossed paths in the ladies restroom. When she walked passed, she said “thank you again - I hope you have a great night - I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU.” I NEARLY PASSED OUT. All the money I spend on my daughters extra curricular, my husband’s boats accessories to my own awful obsessions such as coffee, nails, etc., no-one has ever looked at me, like she did, and simply showed gratitude for choosing to spend money with her.

This was my first time EVER walking in this restaurant. They now have me - by one simple comment. Speaking candidly, their food was not out of this world…it was good. Just like so many of our trades are…they are an option, but they are not the ONLY option. So why do people come to you? Or not come to you should I ask? It is simple. We care about how you make us feel. Life is one big experience. If you are selling tires and your grateful about selling those tires, the value of your tires just increased exponentially over your competition.

For all those out there that feel as though you really do not have competition - and your just “too busy” to slow down to say kind words of thanks to those that pay your bills, eventually not putting the people first, will slow you down to where you have more time than you would like to focus on less than what you wish you had.

The best part of this story…the sweet girl that was buzzing by me as I was sharing my appreciation to Danielle for being kind, and thankful, just so happened to be her 13 year old daughter!!!! Who comes up to the restaurant to help her mom. Talk about #raisingthemupright GO Danielle! God will recognize your good will, your professionalism and your appreciation you have for life. God Bless you, your future and cheers to you for making a #difference in my life that day. My prayer is that your #gratitude is contagious to others. You are a true example of #handmadevictory.


Ro from Handmade Victory

I'm so darn excited, I smiled so big, my eyes disappeared!

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