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our handmade story

We are Brian and Rochelle Brown!   Welcome!  Into our lives, our home, our businesses, our faith, our struggles, and our thoughts!  You will find that a look into our world is going to be like pulling the curtain back and showing bits of YOUR own world.  Let's face it!  We all are after the same type of things.  We all want to be happy and secure in our own skin; however, we all have challenges that deviate us from our goals.  How do we navigate this little thing called life?  Well, we want to share some our testimony with you in hopes that our raw, honest and open-door convos will not only serve as a little bit of therapy for us as a couple & business partners but also let YOU know - you are not alone.  It doesn’t matter how much you “look” like you have your crap together, we all know, we are a hot mess most of the time and the sooner we all admit it and stop hiding it, the sooner success and happiness will find us.  


What validates us to tell our story?  SO MANY THINGS!  FIRST, nothing.  This is our first step in not caring who thinks what about what!  We think we should share, because there have been moments when we felt as though, we hit rock bottom and if we had just ONE voice out there to latch on to (that was relatable), maybe we could have mustered up some strength that much quicker to pick ourselves up off the ground, slap our faces & throw ourselves back in the game!


Second, our faith.  We will get into this more, but when you finally start listening to where a higher being wants you and not where you want you - things are just easier.


Third, we have stories about kids, business, politics, family, friends and the list goes on that are just downright worth sharing!  You're going to be able to learn from them, latch on to them just as we have been able to latch on to so many mentors who have helped us grow.


Who are we - simple.  People have called us “The American Dream” time and time again over the course of the last fifteen years.  Why… because we look like we have our Sh*#t together.  NO OTHER REASON.  Business, home, kids, cars, dog and the BS list goes on!  I would agree, I think we are the American Dream…one big facade.  You see, we don’t think people really know what The American Dream even looks like!  Is it even something that you want?   What are you dreaming of?  


We would like to call ourselves a little bit of Handmade Victory!  This name stems from a few meaningful thoughts - if you know us, you know we have been dabbling in food for the last twelve years.  Food is an art, handmade.  God; It took us a while to realize, but he is actively handmaking us in every moment of every day.  Last, we are an example of “figuring things out and working for everything we have ever accomplished,”  nothing has been handed.  This my friends - is Handmade Victory.  


To all our new friends - we are so excited to link arms with you to a more victorious life!  Be who you want to be with us!


Brian & Ro

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