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Are you a person of passion?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

What started as a tiny, concept morphed into “millions served” 12 years later. It was a passion, not a job. It was everything to me. It’s all I thought about… it really was my “first born.” I would have done anything to protect it. I believed in “it” like I believed in myself.

The above, tells me that Passion is Possible. You don’t have to get a job - to get a job.

And if your in a job, that you wouldn’t literally crumble if you didn’t have in your life, your in the wrong place. God has a much larger plan for you.

Then, I didn’t realize it when the change occurred but “it” began to overtake it’s creator. Even though, I created this company with my bare hands, with no “book of directions” on what to do next, the business started to snowball on what it wanted to do next - seemingly overnight, I felt like I had lost control. Control of what, you may ask? Not the results. My customers were getting what they paid for and reviews were wonderful and growing! The higher my my growth margins were year after year, the more I felt disconnected with the mission and the reason why I started the business to begin with.

What does that tell me - I don’t know. I want to say that sometimes we may create something that is larger than our current skill set. It’s best to ensure you have surrounded yourself with people that inspire you and lead you…help you and challenge you to grow. Looking back, I didn’t do this. I hired people that were looking for “jobs.” People that didn’t have a passion for what they were doing.

Now, I am talking to all the front-line, ground working people out in there and even possibly those that don’t have a job…

Your lack of above “passion” for what your doing is killing your manager, the company and the organization as a whole. You make a difference. Every time you do something or don’t do something, it matters. The smallest of things to you, means the biggest thing to those around you. At times, like my business, when you are working with the slimmest of slim margins, it can mean operating in the black or operating in the red.

- Rochelle

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