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Sexual Communication is Key

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Everything around us changes - our careers, our family units, our beliefs, our looks, our goals…the list goes on! Why on earth would we expect our sex life to stay the same as that very first moment of encounter? We are in maintenance stage right now! We are figuring things out, digging deep, wanting more, working on a better version of us in all ways possible - our sex life is not exempt. This too, will require contentment, patients and discussion. It’s perfectly acceptable to discuss this openly. The book, “everybody poops”…well you get my point.

Your intimacy needs are much different than you once remember. Which means - your significant others’ needs have changed too! Instead of allowing conflict to come in between you or frustration because maybe you are on two different pages - talk. Talk it out. Being vulnerable about what you are liking and not liking is crucial.

There are no right or wrong discussions when it comes to this topic. Whatever thoughts are rolling around in your head about how you can enhance and better enjoy your intimate life, is the answer…your body is going to crave whatever you are missing or needing. It’s simply natural. Don’t be embarrassed - like everything, be better. Push yourself to not just be happy in front of the curtain - but be happy behind it too!

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