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Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Manners. We all know what the word means. We all know that we should use them. We teach kids that they are the foundation of respect. Some of us claim to praise Jesus every single Sunday at church to turn around and not use our manners in the grocery store! A simple smile, or “Hi, how are you today?” is truly growing the Kingdom of God!

When I was young, I had a motto - (simple yes, don’t judge as I was probably about 15!) But, it was the very popular, Mean People Suck! I just realized the other day, I, at times, am one of them! Have I grown into that person that chugs along so quickly in life that I don’t even care of the people around me? First and foremost, If I was a true believer, of which I want to be, then I should care about each and every person God puts in my path as nothing is on accident and He has planned my destiny. Second, going a step further and trying to make those around me happy and feel God’s kindness shine through me - this is what God wants for us.

Here is what bothers me even more - I find myself honestly heart broken that I am saying this after a good 15-20 years of no one approaching me with manners, kindness, and impromptu friendliness that would make me open my eyes and force change within myself before now? This post is solely coming from God’s word.

Christianity isn't a do this, do that mentality: it is a when you come to know Jesus, all thoughts change.” Our mood should not dictate our manners. It is just not ok to be rude and mistreat people and to all of us out there with big degrees and fancy titles, good manners will open doors the best education cannot.

At risk of this post sounding like Michelle Tanner wrote it this from Full House, rudeness is a weak persons imitation of strength and does nothing but invite the devil into your world.

Long story short - I have recognized that at one point as a young adult, I believed in good manners and recognized those that didn’t properly represent the kingdom of God. Somehow, somewhere, I do believe to have drifted providing excuses as to why I no longer do so. I don’t claim to be alone here… so I know this is hard to hear, but someone has to say it! Some may blame it on their shy personality, others as myself, may blame it on the busy chaos of the moment. No, don’t settle for one foot in the kingdom and one in hell. Push yourself regardless of how sick you feel or how awful your day has been - to love on one another. We need it, you need it.

Lastly, just because you are free to say whatever you want, doesn’t mean you always should. Fight the battle of rudeness. Use your manners, think about the impact you are going to have on someone else's happiness or are you creating their sadness? I am not saying get stomped on…I am saying, simply be an example of politeness. Make someone smile today, it will be unexpected and guaranteed contagious.

P.S. Manners is a foundation. Those of us in business, customer service, sales, etc. - there is a level of what I like to call Professional Comfort. This is what is required to make people want to come back to you, learn from you, buy from you and trust you. Just because you said hello, sometimes doesn’t exactly do the job. To all of us - lets raise our glass, Corona Light to be exact for the evening, to going above and beyond again. Now we are making God smile…

Much love and many hugs, from me to you.


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