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"Wax Statue Era"

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Do you ever feel as though you need to get some things off your chest or you will just blow? Well, being totally honest and vulnerable with you…that is why this blog is starting; however, that is not why it will continue on.

To start - I will, like so many of my fellow friends, business owners and loved ones alike share the my heartache of being responsible for many moving parts within our lives. Although all our decisions are brought on by our own desires and choices, there are so many external factors that end up shaping our directional fortitude and overall success and ultimately…happiness. I will talk about these things. Given that we live and work in a society where PC is the way to go in fear we might ruffle some feathers - a lot of the things I may share, may not be politically correct…but that is the therapy for us all…again, if I don’t share - I may blow and that is not healthy for me, my three beautiful girls or my poor husband that sees the stress on my face.

Now fast forwarding to how this is going to end….you even though I don’t know you yet, will relate to what I am writing about in some facet or another. Be it…the experiences you face in your job, in your family or someone close to you that has similar challenges - and we grow and learn together. We stop allowing our past and our current situation dictate how our story moves forward. The cycle stops now and I am boldly doing it in front of you, with you and for you. So, get on board because a lot of what you are about to read is going to be exactly what you too, need to work through.

This is a big step for me. If you know me personally, I am the epitome of the those (don’t act like your not) that only post the happy, go lucky, my life is a gem pic on social media. See how cute I am, see how cute my life is kinda girl. I saw meme on Facebook the other day that said…”For Christmas, I wish all of you the life you appear to have on Facebook.” Listen…it’s not just me that knows this. It’s about time we fight the “wax statue” era and start being real.

- Rochelle

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