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The power of being positive.

Try it for 30 days. If for some reason you are “worse off” or can say you find negative in the art of being positive… won't...I am guaranteeing it. This is how confident I am that you are going to be in a better place in 30 days from today. Start right now…say to yourself:

There is nothing that can make me negative and I am excited about what the future will bring!

Even evil that approaches me, I will not only fight, but I will defeat.

The level of comfort I have knowing that I am more than “Ok” because there is a predestined plan for me, is security that no one person, drug, job or material item could ever bring me down.

Be excited to be live testimony of what being positive can do! Your story will be contagious because of your bravery and commitment to a positive life-style.

You control your thoughts. If you know there is a possibility that something negative could occur, tell your self a head of time, what your going to do in response. Stick to your plan.

For all those things that occur that make you feel backed into a corner - positivity is your weapon… commit to seeking the positive in all things, not just when it is easy to do so.

A positive me, is going to get me where I want and where I need to be.

If this were my last day on earth, what do I want my last moments to look like?

Being negative takes a lot of not only yourself, but those around you…do you want to make things easier on you and the ones you love?

One day you spend angry is a day wasted!

What the worse that can happen? You change the life for the better? You start enjoying life? You make others inspired by your commitment?

I am positive, you can do it. Tag someone in this 30 day positivity challenge.

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