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What is your wedding really about?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND ME - I believe in the sanctity of marriage. I believe it is a vow to not only be celebrated but to not be broken. Over 12 years of personally walking couples to the “I Do” moment of their lives - I love weddings! What I am over…is all of my couples who miss the point. Because it is such a big moment in their lives - they stress over every last detail such as color swatches and cake flavors….or who’s is sitting by who and GOD forbid if someone has to sit by someone they don’t like! Or…here is a good one - what does your round white plate look like?? It looks like a round, white plate! I could go on forever of real, live stressors I witness each and every day from couples and families. I have always just wanted to stand up and start screaming as I am watching you think about which fork you like best and what the paper towels look like that your guests will dry their hands with….and say….STOP!

STOP RIGHT NOW. Look at your partner right now….THEY ARE WHO, WHAT AND WHERE. THEY ARE WHAT MATTERS. THEY ARE WHERE YOU SHOULD BE PUTTING YOUR ENERGY, YOUR MONEY AND YOUR ATTENTION DURING THIS SPECIAL TIME - the rest is all just stuff. Stuff that after your wedding date is over - is gone. To be flipped, cleaned and reset for the next Bride and Groom to walk in.

Yes, you will have the pictures; however, those, besides the marriage license, you technically walk away with nothing but…as my customers say it “a whirlwind” of memories. Half the time, you are not remembering who was even there. OH! And if I had a dime for everytime I heard, at the final meeting the poor couple say…”I am just ready for this to be over!” This is not because my company hasn’t gone above and beyond to make the process seamless…it is because they are mentally worn out.

The four P’s

The constant planning, purchasing, prepping and primping has knocked them on their tales!!

- Rochelle

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